How to find the right drug and the most efficient dosage for a patient? In personalized medicine genetic information of so called pharmacogenes can help to predict whether a medication will produce desired responses or not. Experts of the group „Clinical PGx & Digital Health“ have implemented a pharmacogenomics testing routine at Robert Bosch Hospital that helps physicians to determine the best medication for their patients. Although other factors such as the pathophysiology, comedications or non-clinical data and lifestyle are also considered, the aggregated contribution of genetics and non-genetics factors on drug treatment is not yet fully understood. Therefore, we use mathematical concepts including pharmacometric modeling as well as artificial intelligence to identify novel markers of drug response, which then allow best-informed decisions in drug therapy and development. We are supporting research and translational initiatives to bring pharmacogenomics into clinical practice.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwab
Head of the Institute
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Dr. Roman Tremmel
Research Group Leader Pharmacogenomics and Digital Health
Tel+49-711-8101 2061
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