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Our Mission: “From bench to bedside”

Pharmacogenomics is a scientific field that has existed since the 1980s and deals with the influence of the genetic predisposition of patients on the effect of drugs. Depending on their genetic material, people react differently to different drugs. On the one hand, this involves side effects, some of which are severe, and on the other hand, the question of whether a drug works for a person or not. Pharmacogenomics makes it possible to adapt the dosage or even the decision for or against certain preparations to the individual needs of a patient. The aim of pharmacogenomic research is to use the knowledge gained for the individualized treatment of patients and for the development of drugs.

Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch

Our History

It was a generous donation by Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch, the eldest daughter of Robert Bosch, which provided for the foundation of the Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (IKP). At the end of 1973, the institute started its work with 4 employees.


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