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Our Mission

To enable precision medicine by taking pharmacological research - particularly multi-dimensional pharmacoOmics - from bench to bedside towards innovations on how diseases and in particular cancer will be treated in the 21st century.

A focus is the development of novel biomarkers and drug targets together with biology-guided novel treatment concepts via research and training.

A prime goal is the initiation and implementation of principle investigator initiated trials



The mission of the Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (IKP) is to advance the science of clinical pharmacology by pioneering research innovations to facilitate and guide the optimization of patient-centered precision medicine and care. To accomplish this mission, we traditionally integrate excellence in basic, translational and clinical pharmacology research with state-of-the-art training of the next generation of medical professionals. Our efforts are aimed to ramp up progress and drive innovation for the enabling of novel strategies on how diseases, and in particular cancer, will be treated in the 21st century.

Building on our continuous past achievements, we combine state-of-the-art precision drug discovery approaches with advanced multi-dimensional pharmacoOmics (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metabolomics) research to identify novel drug targets, biomarkers and innovative biology-guided treatment concepts. Based on close interactions between researchers and clinicians at the Robert Bosch Hospital (RBK) we already built a successful track record of translating these innovations from bench to bedside. Particularly in the field of pharmacogenomics (PGx), our achievements spawned efficient concepts of evidence-based optimized patient care via the development of effective and safe pharmacotherapies. The impact of these research breakthroughs is maximized by dedicated and specialized in-depth training programs that will enable future Clinical Pharmacologists to meet the current PGx challenges in order to warrant innovative clinical trial conduct. This will make them competent partners in their role to serve as advisors in the interdisciplinary treatment decision teams in the future.

Being aware of the challenges and to achieve these ambitious goals, IKP research groups synergize their efforts by combining and jointly exploiting their dedicated expertise in molecular and systems pharmacology, advanced tissue and patient-derived tumor models as well as state-of-the-art analytical methods. Their expertise is complemented by a unique top-level infrastructure already established at the IKP. Notably, IKP holds expertise in integrative multiOmics sciences including metabolomics and has gained recognition in a variety of pharmacometrics applications ranging from treatment optimization to novel risk scores. Based on these advances the IKP is already fully aligned and actively engaging with national and international initiatives as well as network partners with the goal to set new standards in clinical trial conduct and patient treatment. In the future, we anticipate that our wide-ranging cutting-edge approach to identify predictive biomarkers and pharmacologically accessible drug targets will continue to provide technological and biological advancements that translate into clinical and socioeconomic benefits.



Independent research groups, headed by IKP and RBK scientists, address dedicated clinically-relevant pharmacological topics with consequences for drug therapy.



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