The PharmacoOmics & Breast Cancer group exploits constitutional and tumour-bound factors in order to minimize the risk of metastatic spread in high-risk early-stage hormone-sensitive patient subgroups. At the constitutional level, we focus on the identification of novel pharmacogenomic predictors of antiestrogenic treatment, i.e. aromatase inhibitors & estrogen receptor modulators/degraders, based on large patient sets and biobanks including the International Breast Cancer Association Consortium, in-house clinical studies and via collaborations.

Clinical and cellular analyses at the tumour level aim to refine gene expression signatures, exploit recurrent somatic patterns, and apply computational image analysis as well as experimental drug-screening (microtumours) and liquid biopsy prediction tools (circulome) to identify patient subsets eligible for chemo-endocrine complementary targeted treatment, thereby advancing adjuvant breast cancer treatment concepts.