World Smart Medication Day1

Unsafe medication practices and medication errors are a leading cause of injury and avoidable harm in healthcare systems worldwide. Clinical Pharmacology is a key discipline for managing these drug-related problems.

This day provides the opportunity to highlight key messages on drug development, clinical drug research, warnings on self-medication and stopping medicines, medication errors, drug interactions and adverse drug reactions, pharmacovigilance, off label/compassionate drug use, supply management, misleading claims and fraud.



12:00    Welcome address (Prof. Ingolf Cascorbi, IUPHAR president)
12:05-13:10 Session on Precision Medicine (Chairs: Prof. Matthias Schwab and Prof. Ann Daly)
  Prof. Jesse Swen: Leiden Universtiy Medical Center, Netherlands The PREPARE Study
  The PREPARE Study
  Prof. Josh Peterson: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA
  From Novelty to Necessity: Establishing the Evidence Base for Routine Use of Pharmacogenomics
  Prof. Collet Dandara: The University of Cape Town, South Africa
  Warfarin Pharmacogenomics: Towards Implementation in Africa
13:10-13:25 Presentation of the winners of the poster competition (Prof. Maribel Lucena)