Simon Jäger
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology

Dr. Simon Jäger

Major Projects

  • Implementation of pharmacogenetics into the clinic
  • Conduct and design of clinical studies 
  • “MOBILISE-D” (2020-JTI-IMI2-2017-13): Linking digital assessment of mobility to clinical endpoints to support regulatory acceptance and clinical practice
  • “NETZ” Endoscopic telemedicine service for improving colorectal cancer prevention“ (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany)
  • POLAR_MI: „POLypharmazie, Arzneimittelwechselwirkungen und Risiken“ Medizininformatik-Initiative (MII)
  • TAMENDOX: Machbarkeitsnachweis der Supplementierung einer Standard-TAMoxifentherapie mit dem aktiven Metaboliten ENDOXifen

Selected References

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Professional Career

Since 2021

Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology and Group leader


Board Certification in Clinical Pharmacology

Since 2021

Collaboration with Clinical Cooperation Unit Translational Immunology, University Hospital Tuebingen

Since 2020

Studies of Medical Biometry/Biostatistics (Master of Science), University of Heidelberg, School of Medicine, Heidelberg, Germany


Resident in Clinical Pharmacology and Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Prof. Dr. med. M. Schwab), University Hospital Tuebingen, University of Tuebingen, Germany


Resident in Clinical Pharmacology and Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Prof. Dr. med. M. Schwab), Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart


Board Certificate in Internal Medicine


Research Grant from Robert Bosch Stiftung, Project Title: „The balance between hypoxia-induced autophagy and NLRP3 activation is shifted towards inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease” at Universitäts-Spital Zürich, Clinical of Gastroenterology (Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Gerhard Rogler)


ECFMG Certificate


Research Grant from DFG and Robert Bosch Stiftung (Gerok Program), Project Title: “Regulation of the redox status of hBD-1 (humanes ß-Defensin 1) in inflammatory bowel disease


Doctoral Thesis "Surveillance des Barrett-Ösophagus – Vergleich konservative Therapie versus Anti-Reflux-Operation“, (Prof. Dr. med. M. Fein, Surgical University Clinic, University of Würzburg, Germany)


Training in Internal Medicine, Robert Bosch Krankenhaus, Investigator in 13 clinical trials in the field of inflammatory bowel disease


Studies in Human Medicine at the University of Würzburg, Germany, University of Rochester, USA, and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina